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Life Is What We Make It,so Let Us Make It Meaningful

I aim to reveal simple truths (hence, provokes thought, curiosity, inquisitiveness, and personal growth) through constructing allegorical depictions and storytelling. I create allegorical works of art by mixing pigment markers, graphite, and paints. I work with tones of grays and an air color palette with gold and/or metallic silver to illuminate my imagery. I am an indirect functional, Artist-Philosopher, Visual Writer and Designer creating a fictitious world to advocate secular virtues.

I am interested in intricate and subtle details, as I take pleasure in creating an individualized form of narrative art. I greatly enjoy conjuring up the illusion of space by utilizing abstraction and perspective drawing techniques. The framework of each composition is a derivative of interconnected ideas that I express allegorically with originality and socio-cultural influences. I focus on ethics, harmony, and nature and utilize a push and pull technique. I approach my work methodically, but ideas may originate sporadically like a mind-pop.

I rework and implement new concepts by 

combining figurative or representational imagery, varying line-weight and quality to imply space and movement using non-linear or linear perspective, integrating silhouettes, overlapping and superimposed imagery, applying harmonious and/or contrasting colors, and using organic and geometric shapes (like motifs and patterns in nature).

Melissa Hernandez
Artist-Philosopher, Visual Writer & Designer

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