Melissa Hernandez is an aspiring artist currently living in South Florida. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with ancestry in the Dominican Republic. In 2011, Melissa completed her Bachelors of Arts in Studio Art from Florida Atlantic University, where she developed her distinctive artistic style while concentrating on drawing, painting, and printmaking. Melissa's artwork is a mixture of creative writing with allegorical representations. Her artistic style has been subconsciously influenced by and developed out of boundless ideas, drawn forth from American culture, universal themes, and an openness to foreign ideology. 

She has an affinity for allegories (layers and layers of metaphors/meaning) from all over the world! She applies meaning to symbols and sometimes colors to create a complex narrative. To create aesthetically pleasing and intellectual works of art, Melissa uses a combination of high-tech tools (e.g., a computer/laptop, printer, etc.) and traditional, or low-tech, tools (e.g., paint brushes, pencils, acetate sheets, etc.)! She develops and composes her ideas by combining a variety of mediums that have a strong adherence.

Melissa creates allegorical works of art by mixing pigment markers, graphite, and paints. She uses tones of grays and an air color palette with gold and/or metallic silver to illuminate her imagery. Melissa exercises a push and pull technique and focuses on ethical insightspatterns in nature, and harmony with all things.

Melissa's high-quality designs are translucent, colorful, mathematical, and organic and abstract works of art. She constructs the composition of each piece in a mathematical format (e.g., shape, quantity, and arrangement). Her pieces are composed and arranged by combining figurative or representational imagery, varying line-weight and quality to imply space and movement using non-linear or linear perspective, integrating silhouettes, overlapping and superimposed imagery, applying harmonious and/or contrasting colors, and using organic and geometric shapes. 

Artistic Intents

Artists aesthetically pleasing and intellectual creations reflect our culture, values, and human experience. Throughout the ages, each culture, movement, or period has visually expressed who they are and what they value. For example, the Greeks/Romans highly valued the body and philosophical thinking which is seen in Greco-Roman art.

​All works of art have a (social, aesthetic, cultural, or utilitarian) function, although its cause cannot always be distinguished. Melissa's work emphasizes a utilitarian purpose to provide comfort, convenience, and contentment (a state of happiness and satisfaction) to humanity. Melissa's art is indirect (or perceived through the senses); her approach serves humanity through storytelling!

    Push & Pull

    • Geometric Versus Organic Shapes 
    • Harmony Versus Contrast 
    • Effective Color Schemes 

    Her distinctive style consists of the following:

    • Varying Line-Weight and Quality to Imply Space and Movement
    • Overlapping and Superimposed Imagery
    • Applying Translucent, Illuminating, Harmonious And/or Contrasting Colors
    • Creating Organic and Geometric Shapes (Like Motifs and Patterns in Nature)
    • Combining Figurative or Representational Imagery 
    • Mixing Creative Writing With Allegorical Representations
    • Using Allegories (Strings of Metaphors)




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